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SW8000 puts you in the driver’s seat of the most advanced and innovative industrial class ride-on sweepers. With its extraordinary 2 meters wide sweeping path, SW8000 lets you sweep and clean large areas, such as parking lots, warehouses and factory floors.
And it will only take you a fraction of the time it takes a conventional sweeper.

The innovative DustGuard™ misting system lets you efficiently control any dust on your way leaving a cleaner environment.

SW8000 is designed with attention to details that matters to you such as better safety features, easier operator control, simple maintenance and function features that provide better performance, reliability and a lower total cost of cleaning.

Choose between 4-cylinder diesel engine and LPG.

The unique DustGuard™ feature with misting nozzles sprays a fine fog of moisture to the front and side brooms, effectively controlling airborne dust for a cleaner environment.

The main broom 1.3 meter sweeping path is the widest in the industry, providing you better performance and faster cleaning.
With side brooms the total cleaning width of SW8000 is 2 meters.

The strong polyethylene covers offer a high driving protection and even absorbing bumps.

At the same time, they are fully recyclable in line with Nilfisk’s environmental awareness policy.

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