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Nilfisk SC1500

Nilfisk SC1500



SC1500 is an innovative stand-on scrubber dryer providing you with superior efficiency due to unprecedented ease of use, increased performance, high quality and reliability. It is an investment in Nilfisk quality that will pay off year after year.

SC1500 brings ease of use to a whole new level. Just step up and you are ready to go. The intuitive display makes it easy for the operator to handle the machine even for the first time, and the small size and handy steering makes manoeuvring easier than ever. Due to its easy handling, high capacity and silent operation.

SC1500 is the obvious choice for hospitals and health care facilities, schools, office buildings, restaurants, shops and supermarkets as well as sport centres.
Step up to a higher level of quality, performance and reliability.

Easy handling. Just step up and go OneTouchâ„¢ scrub ON/OFF switch and two brush pressure settings for securing high cleaning performance
Intuitive dashboard with user-

friendly menu for setting parameters for cleaning conditions and floor type

44 litre tank with electronic controlled water flow allows cleaning up to 75 minutes per tank
Low noise level and a silent mode option, makes it ideal for sound sensitive areas and daytime cleaning

Up to 3.5 hours battery running time and optional on-board charger increase productivity, performance and reliability

Ecoflexâ„¢ detergent mixing system (optional)

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