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Nilfisk CS7010

Nilfisk CS7010



CS7010 reinvents an entire class of equipment by reducing total cost of ownership, including operation, labor and maintenance, while effectively increasing fuel economy and runtime efficiency. Now the most economical solution is also the most ecological.

Available in three models, LPG-Hybrid, Diesel-Hybrid and ePower Battery. CS7010 delivers unparalleled performance, while replacing power-hungry, high-maintenance hydraulic system with efficient, state-of-the-art Electric Drive Technology. Whichever model you choose, the CS7010 delivers the lowest cost of ownership and the most suitable cleaning solution in its class.

Dedicated sweeping and scrubbing functions with one-pass cleaning keep debris dry without introducing scrub solution into the debris hopper. This provides operators and equipment owners with increased productivity and reduced maintenance. Lower total cost of ownership. CS7010 dispels the complexity and high maintenance of hydraulic systems that power conventional combination machines.

We’ve eliminated large hydraulic reservoirs, filters and oil coolers as well of the leak-prone hydraulic hoses, pumps, motors and valves. Hydraulic drives have been replaced with an intelligent system of electronically controlled, low maintenance electric drives.

This technology shift will save you a lot of money in reduced maintenance costs.

ClearView™ sightlines and automatic speed reduction in turns for safer operation

Tools-free tilt-out/lift-off recovery tank with integrated SmartFlow™

Available with patented

DustGuard™ airborne dust suppression technology

High-capacity 285 liter front dry sweeper debris hopper with high-lift system

Standard dual side brooms sweep entire squeegee path to minimize fouling

Hybrid combination machine. Fuel less consumption, less. High running time on battery variant.

Retractable offset deck and breakaway squeegee. Generation fitration system, variable filter shaking

OneTouch™, MaxAccess, NoTools™. More efficient service, extreme commonality among platforms.

Hybrid techonolgy and Ecoflex™

Heated water, High pressure washer