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FM400 L machines have a 43 cm brush/pad diameter and it is designed for medium-duty usage, comfortable and fatigue free operation, effective results. Scrubbing and spray cleaning and stripping of hard floors are handled efficiently and quickly.

FM400 is very silent and can be used in hospitals. Safety button, dead switch, high visibility cable, IPX4, automatic click on/off put the FM400 at the edge of safety. Metal frame, big wheels and bumpers, gloss paint, all merged together in a modern design give evidence to the robustness, durability and easy cleaning of the machine.

Low speed machine for standard cleaning applications.

Price competitive: Nilfisk quality and performance for less money.

High performance: Powerful scrubbing and stripping in a smart construction.

Common design: Recognized Nilfisk design signals cost savings and easy handling.

Common accessories: No complexity and easy to operate.

Improved features: Cable hook for the operator, big wheels, easy cable storage, ergonomic handle and improved safety.

A complete range of optional accessories to suit specific tasks.

Also runs at 230V/60hz.

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